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#50KSouls is an outreach ministry that was birthed from an undying passion and burning desire to win 50,000 souls to Jesus Christ.  In order to attain the goal of winning 50,000 souls, the body of believers needed to come together and network.  The task was too great for one person, one church, it required a team of churches and individuals to unite and demonstrate the love of Christ in the community.  In unity there is strength. By October 1, 2015 #50KSouls outreach ministry was established.  At that time, it consisted of churches and individual volunteers in the local area of Salisbury, MD.  October 24, 2015 #50KSouls launched its first D.R.I.V.E. By - Deliverance, Restoration, Inspiration, Victory, Encouragement by sharing the love of Christ.  The team delivered 20 boxes of food and toiletries to random homes and families in the disenfranchised neighborhoods located in Salisbury.  In November #50KSouls served 46 families.  The amount of homes impacted more than doubled from the prior month and the number of team members grew as well.  Not only were there new members in Salisbury but there were now team members in Delaware and Connecticut.  The ministry was growing rapidly and the needs of the community were becoming more apparent.  December 2015 was monumental.  #50KSouls fed 75 families and became incorporated as a non-profit organization in the State of Maryland.


#50KSouls was slated to begin functioning as a ministry in January of 2016; however, the mandate was so great it could not wait.  At the start of the New Year, #50KSouls was in full operation and the team had grown outside of the state of Maryland.  January 22-24th #50KSouls team Maryland organized a temporary emergency relief shelter to provide a warm safe haven for the homeless during Winter Storm Jonas 2016.  The shelter met the needs of the people physically and spiritually by providing transportation, food, clothing, shower, a bed and prayer.   On January 30, 2016, for the first time, six of the states simultaneously facilitated their own D.R.I.V.E., by collectively feeding over 150 families in multiple neighborhoods throughout the country. Each state continues to conduct a monthly D.R.I.V.E. By.  The water crisis, that plagues the residents of Flint, Michigan, could not be ignored.  In February #50KSouls in conjunction with local partners created a three-week campaign to gather and send water to aid in relief of the families in that city.  The campaign resulted in sending 4 tractor trailer trucks to Flint enabling over 5000 homes to receive clean water while continuing to serve the local communities. June 28, 2016 #50KSouls was awarded the Will Donald Schaefer “Helping People Award” by the Comptroller’s Office of the state of Maryland.  #50KSouls now operates in different locations across the country.  Currently teams have operated in Maryland, Delaware, Michigan, Virginia, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia. In August 2020, 50KSouls welcomed their first international team in Pretoria, South Africa.


The past 5 years of operations have been phenomenal with #50KSouls supporting thousands of families throughout the country and their local communities. Despite the challenges in our country with the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, lack of supplies and lost employment, 50KSouls found a way to be essential by providing assistance to families that were affected.  The overall mission of 50KSouls is to provide spiritual, charitable and educational support to our communities locally, nationally and globally but most importantly to win souls to Jesus Christ because All Souls Matter.

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We are a Network of Churches/Organizations committed to bringing Deliverance Restoration Inspiration Victory & Encouragement to Communities Locally Nationally & Globally

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To build  a network of partners (volunteers, churches, and donors) across the country, that will work together to provide outreach to those individuals and communities that find themselves in despair and need, as a result of natural disasters and/or economic disadvantages.

"Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness, great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy."

Jim Rohn

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One Team,One Goal!